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How do students find their exam grades?
How do students find their exam grades?

Do students receive a notification about their test scores?

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Students do not receive notifications for their exam scores.

As teachers and school districts have varying grading policies, the scores for exams are not sent to the students. Teachers notify students of their exam grades.

Keep in mind that when a teacher enables Corrections for an exam, the student will view and correct the problems missed on the exam. Corrections are completed in Spiral Review.

When a teacher enables Corrections, the students must fix the mistake from the exam AND solve a fresh problem (earn a point) similar to the missed problem. Then, the student will have the $ sign above and below the dotted line in Spiral Review. To earn points in Spiral Review, the student must complete the exam corrections when Corrections are enabled. The 'Need help?' button is grayed out when students are completing corrections.

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