Get More Math allows students to earn game credits as they earn points for answering questions correctly on the first try.

The game credits are meant to be used as a short "brain break" for students. When a student begins a game, it will expire in 90 seconds. This allows students a small break and then places them back into their practice session.

Note--Students may not accumulate game credits to "do nothing" on a particular day. When a student closes their GMM tab, no more than 2 game credits are saved.

Teachers have the ability to set how often game credits are earned and which games are available.

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Select a class from the left column.

Choose Settings from the middle column.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view Student Games.

From Student Games, teachers can turn games on or off, release more game options, and adjust the points required to earn a game credit while in Mixed Review.

The students can play a game by clicking the student menu and choosing Play Game.

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