Red squares indicate a beginning skill with few problems completed or a lower accuracy.

While squares are red at the beginning of an assignment, students should only have red squares in Mixed Review if they were absent for the assignment or if they were stuck on a skill without teacher assistance.

Red squares in Mixed Review signal teachers that the student may need help with the concept or that students need to earn more points in Mixed Review.

Suggestions for Too Much Red

  1. Keep assignments small. No more than 3 skills at no more than 3 points per skill so that students have time to change the colors of the squares while working on the assignment.

  2. Model solving the problems and entering their answers in GMM.

  3. Set a daily goal that includes assignment points and Mixed Review points.

  4. Use the SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW button before the end of class. Students will have time to ask questions about Mixed Review skills before working without your assistance.

  5. Prune Mixed Review often by removing proficient skills for the class or skills that are not on the rigor level of assessment.

  6. Consider having a Mixed Review day. Make all assignments unavailable from ASSIGNMENTS, and have students change the colors of their squares.

  7. Use motivation strategies for students getting to green or better on their skills.

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