Students earn points for $ problems solved correctly on the first try. Get More Math places the $ sign on a skill (square) to prioritize and individualize the practice for each student.

By default, students may only work on $ sign problems. Squares without a $ sign will be blurred, and if students try to click on a non-$ problem, they receive a message stating 'You may only work on skills worth a point $.'

If teachers want to change the default so that students can solve non-$ problems,

  1. Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

  2. Choose a class from the left column.

  3. Choose Settings from the middle gray column.

  4. Move the 'Allow students to work on problems that are not worth a point' slider to On (The slider is green in the On position.)

Then, students can work on those problems that are not worth a point, even if solved correctly on the first try.

Rationale for allowing students to work on skills that are not worth a point:

a. ) Some special populations need to solve an additional problem after receiving help from the teacher on a skill.

b. ) For classroom management, teachers may want students to work on any problem while they wait for help.

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