GMM's Mixed Review is prioritized practice for each student based on the content that the teacher has covered. However, there are scenarios when a teacher would like to modify Mixed Review for an individual student.

To use GMM's Modify Mixed Review button:

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose Student Data from the middle gray column.

Click on a student's name to individualize Mixed Review.

Collapse the first two rows of information for a larger view.

Click the button for Modified Mixed Review.

Deactivate a skill to remove that skill from the student's Mixed Review.

A student with modified Mixed Review will have a Mixed Review icon next to his or her name in all reports.

Any changes made to the class' Mixed Review will affect the student's modified Mixed Review.


Adding an assignment that places new skills in Mixed Review for the class will, in turn, add the new skills to Mixed Review for the student with modified Mixed Review.

Deactivating or reactivating a skill for the class will do the same for the student with modified Mixed Review.

Deleting a skill from the class will remove the skill for the student with modified Mixed Review.

If a student struggles with many skills in the class, creating a separate class is another option. Click below for an article for about creating a separate class.

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