Progress monitoring can be done from Student Data or from an exam.

Sample IEP Goal: When given one-step real-world addition problems, Carla will demonstrate her ability to solve the problems with an average of 80% accuracy on her last 5 attempts at the problems. Over the course of the IEP, Carla will demonstrate 80% accuracy on 6 out of 8 monitored responses. (State standard here)

To progress monitor from Student Data

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose a class from the left column.

Choose Student Data from the middle column.

Click on a student’s name under the Mixed Review tab to view individual student data.

Find the skill you are monitoring.

View the accuracy on the last 5 attempts at the skill at regular intervals over the course of the IEP.

Use the download button to save or print the report.

To progress monitor from an exam

If you have several students with the same IEP goal, create a class for this group of students. If each goal is specific to only one student, create a separate class for each student.

Learn how to create, publish, print, and grade an exam here.

Create 8 exams with 5 questions using the skill related to the student’s IEP goal.

Have your student complete the exams over regular intervals during the course of the IEP. You can download the exam results from Exams.

Alternatively, you can print the student’s exams and have them complete the paper copy for your records.

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