Teacher question:

My class took an exam, corrected the exam, and did the follow up. Now, I'd like to give the same exam with different questions. Can I do that?

GMM Answer:


To copy an exam so students will have different problems than the original exam:

  • From WORK, choose Colleagues and My Work. This button is found at bottom of the middle column.

  • Choose My Work from the top right side of the screen.

  • Find the original exam.

  • Hover to right side of the exam to view the copy symbol.

  • Click the copy symbol.

  • GMM will verify you would like to copy the exam.

  • Choose COPY.

  • The coped exam will appear on the left side of WORK.

  • Rename the exam. Example Exam 2 is renamed Exam 2.2.

  • Publish the exam to a class. The exam will include the same skills as the original exam, but the students will have different problems.

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