GMM recommends using Mixed Review data to quickly identify and remediate small groups based on proficiency.

To view class proficiency:

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose the class from the left column.

Choose Mixed Review from the middle gray column.

Choose a skill and click the Proficient Students percentage.

GMM groups your students based upon their proficiency.

Students with red squares have no understanding of a concept.

Yellow squares indicate initial understanding of the concept.

Green, silver star, and gold star squares show proficiency, accuracy over time.

Use the Mixed Review report to work with remediation groups.

From the skill in Mixed Review, click PROBLEM.

Click the full screen button to project unlimited sample problems.

Have students work problems on dry erase boards or paper in the small group.

Continue to monitor groups as they earn points in Mixed Review; encourage students to change the colors of their squares.

To monitor individual student progress for RtI tiers or other groupings, use Student Data - in-depth report.

To monitor individual student growth:

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose the class from the left column.

Choose Student Data from the middle gray column.

Click on a student's name to view the in-depth report.

Scroll down to view more data for each skill.

If needed, add more columns to the report.

View the color of each skill for a growth measure.

Compare the two columns: Accuracy and Last Five as another growth measure. Accuracy is overall accuracy; Last Five is the student's accuracy on the last five attempts.

The report can be downloaded for documentation.

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