The Lief Stickers are designed for everyday wearing comfort. To avoid skin irritation with daily wear, the stickers are not too aggressive in terms of adhesion strength. This means that in some situations, such as sweating during exercise or with oily or hairy skin types, the stickers could use a little backup to help keep the Lief Smart Patch on your body.

If you plan to wear your Lief Patch during exercise, or need additional help keeping it in place, you can wear Lief's athletic strap (available for purchase for $20), to help ensure a clean and accurate signal in these situations.

The athletic strap goes on top of the stickers and device to hold them in place. You'll still need to wear the ECG stickers, since they conduct your heart's electrical signals to measure your HRV.

Follow the instructions below to wear the athletic strap:

1. Gather your Lief Patch, a pair of Lief Stickers, and the athletic strap.

2. Place the Lief Patch into the strap pocket, as shown with the left side of the Lief Patch next to the loop on the strap.

3. Snap on the pair of Lief Stickers with the plastic backing attached.

4. Remove the plastic backing from the Lief Stickers. The strap is now ready to be placed on your body.

Lief's athletic strap is one size fits all. You can adjust the length of the strap once the stickers are attached to your body. Once you've found a size that seems to fit snugly, but not too tight, secure the strap by connecting the strap's hook on the right side around the back of your body and into the loop on the left side of your body.

To remove the device from your body, unhook the strap and unsnap the device and strap from the stickers, which are still on the body. Then, remove the stickers from your body. You can charge the Lief even through the fabric strap, so there's no need to remove and re-place the Lief from the strap with each wear.

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