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Wearing Lief & Strap
How do I wear my Lief device?
How do I wear my Lief device?

Correct placement of Lief Smart Patch

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Your Lief should be worn on the top of your left rib cage close to the mid line of your body (as close to your heart as possible essentially). The stickers need to be flush against your skin and not compromised by perspiration, lotion, hair, etc. The gel on the stickers is what conducts the electrical readings of your heart, so it's very important that the stickers be flush against your skin the whole time you're wearing your Lief in order to have a stable connection.

Placement 1

  • Just below the breast

  • On the left side of the body

  • At the top of your rib cage

  • With the stickers on a flat section of the body

Placement 2

If you are having trouble getting a reliable signal, try Placement 2, which is above the left breast, over the left pectoral. This placement may be optimal for users age 60 and above.

Putting your Lief on

  • Make sure skin is not wet, sweaty, or covered with lotion. Skin should be dry.

  • Snap in one sticker onto each of the Lief’s two metal snap sockets.

  • Peel off the clear sticker backing to expose the adhesive.

  • Place the Lief patch onto your body. Placement is just below the breast, on the left side of the body.

Taking your Lief off

  • Snap off the Lief from each of the two stickers.

  • Carefully peel back each of the two stickers from your body. Store face-down onto a glossy surface (or in a pinch, stick together back-to-back) to store stickers for multiple re-uses.

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