Tips for doing a Downtime Dose

Suggestions for doing a Downtime Dose correctly

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More important than following the vibrations to a T, you should inhale at your own pace, and then wait for the device to vibrate to cue your exhale. Exhale longer, past the vibration, if you feel like you can. When you’re done with your exhale, start your inhale again without pausing.

When you reach the top of your inhale, if your Lief hasn’t started vibrating yet, pause and hold your breath until the vibration cues you to exhale slowly. Seeing your heart rate turn into a wave pattern with high amplitude is a sign that you’re doing the exercise correctly.

The Lief's vibration is responding to your heart rate in an effort to sync it with your breath. Thus, in that sense you are controlling the vibration rather than just following it, which is why it may take a few breathing cycles to get in sync.

As a challenge, try to turn off your autodose with just a few inhale/exhales. You’ll be able to tell if you’re syncing your heart rate with your breath by observing the wave forming at the top of the app's dosing screen. You should see smooth waves with high amplitude, as well as your HRV number increasing and color zones changing to green (calm) and blue (restore), if you’re following the exercise correctly.

For many people, a 4 second inhale and 6 second exhale can be effective. This is not an absolute rhythm - see what type of elongated breath works best for you!

No marathon breathing, try medium-sized breaths.

Focus on "diaphragmatic breathing", inhaling so the stomach goes out, without the shoulders going up.

Try not to engage additional muscles during breathing cycle, such as the abs, chest, or shoulders.

Keep your attention in the present moment. This is an ongoing process. As you become aware of your mind wandering to the future or reflecting on the past, bring your focus back to the breath.

Your posture can be very impactful; try sitting in an upright, alert, but relaxed position, dropping the shoulders slightly back and down.

It can be helpful to inhale slowly through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, with your lips slightly pursed to engage in “straw” breathing and control the flow of air.

No counting, no overthinking, just pay attention to the vibration to cue your exhales, and think “effortless breathing.”

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