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Using the recipe food cost calculator
Using the recipe food cost calculator

How to calculate your food cost

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Recipe food cost calculator is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner, Editors, and Managers

Using the Food Cost Calculator

If you need to see your food cost %, profit margin, or determine the optimal sell price of a dish, meez has got you covered!

After you've applied the costs to the ingredients, (check out this article if you need any help there), your total cost and cost per unit will appear below.

NOTE: the cost per serving depends on how your recipe's yield was entered. If your yield is 4 quarts. the cost per unit will be in quarts. If your ingredients all have costs and the Food Cost Calculator is still asking for more information double check that your Total Yield is filled in with a Quantity and Units.

Here’s how to use the calculator:

  1. On the Cost tab, scroll down to see the Food Cost Calculator. Make sure you are in Edit mode.

  2. Add the portion size. The portion size won't automatically appear because we don't assume that your yield is the same as the portion size. If this is a plated recipe, enter the recipe yield as 1 serving, and the portion size as 1 serving.

  3. Once the portion size is entered, the cost will automatically appear based on the ingredient costs.

  4. Now just add your target food cost %, ideal profit margin, or your sell price and see meez calculate the data for you.

    Take a look here for a quick walkthrough for the Food Cost Calculator

PRO-TIP: When in Edit Mode, you can adjust an ingredient quantity in your recipe, and you will see adjustments made automatically to the food cost calculator as well!

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