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Auto calculating recipe total yield

meez can help you calculate your yield to a total gram weight with the auto-calculate function

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Auto calculating total yield is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: All members

Yields are an often overlooked detail of a recipe, but they are essential for several reasons. Accurate yields can help you

  • Get accurate recipe & plate costs

  • Scale accurately between portion, weight or volume.

  • Get accurate nutrition labels

When entering your plates or menu items into meez, you should usually enter in the yield as a serving.

If you don't know the yield of your batch or prep recipes, you can click the toggle to have meez "Auto calculate total yield." This will do a sum of the gram weights of all your recipes and add the total to the Total Yield Field.

Note: When selecting Auto calculate total yield you will need to set your total yield units of measure to the measurable unit you want the recipe calculated in. For example: weight (grams) or volume (fl-oz) or serving (each).

Error Message

There is a chance that one or more of your ingredients is written in volume (ml, cups, tbsp, etc) or container units (each, bottle, pack, etc). If this is the case, there must be a weight equivalency set. To learn more about this, click here.

To fix this issue...

Simply navigate to the ingredient's page, and click the tab "UoM Equivalency." Then make sure to set an equivalency for the weight = volume = each. Remember, you only have to set the equivalency for two of the fields.

Ounce your UoM Equivalencies are set and you click auto calculate total yield you can switch your total yields units to any that you have set up an equivalency for (weight or volume) and the app will calculate it for you. For example you can set your yield to weight in grams, or if an equivalency is set, cups, or fl-oz or liters or pounds!

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