You can export a list of how much to buy of all the ingredients in a desired recipe in meez. You can also export a list of ingredients from a whole menu / many recipes at once, and ingredients across multiple recipes will be added together automatically.

How to export an order list:

  1. Go to the Recipe you'd like to export.

  2. Select the "More" button (three vertical dots at the top center of the screen)

  3. Select "Export"

  4. Choose "Order List" to download the list

Important -- Please read:

The most common way of using the "Export Order List" feature is to create a recipe called Order List, and then add your recipes to that list as sub recipes.

H‍ere is an example of how that might look.


Watch out for missing yields or conversions!

  1. Make sure every recipe includes a Total Yield otherwise your export will not work properly

  2. If you want to export a quantity of a recipe as an "each" (like Batch, Order, Platter, etc), that "each" must be defined in the sub-recipe.

*** For example: You want to export 5 batches of your Herb Slaw. The recipe for Herb Slaw yields 4 cups. So you'll need to define how much '1 batch' equals in the UoM equivalency of your Herb Slaw recipe in order to successfully export your Order list. (see below)

Learn how to customize UoM conversions here

To create your shopping list recipe, you'll likely be adding many recipes to it as 'sub-recipes'

In case you have never added a recipe to another recipe..... Here's how:

  • Simply type the quantity and name of the recipe in a new line, and select it from the drop down

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