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meez 101: create a recipe and add ingredients
meez 101: create a recipe and add ingredients

New to meez? Follow along here to help you get started by creating a recipe. And how to create and add ingredients to that recipe.

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Getting started in a new app can be confusing. Let us help you get started! Below we will walk you through how to create a recipe and add ingredients.

The Beginning

When you first log into your meez account you will be brought to your recipe tab. Currently empty, but we will help show you how you can quickly fill this space with your recipes and get them fully costed.

In the graphic above you will see a few points of interest.

  1. +New button

  2. Notification bell

  3. Three lines denoting the side menu.

  • +New Button

  • This is where you select what item you would like to create new, recipes to new exports.

  • Side Menu

  • This is where you find all your account options. You can check your billing and subscription information in your Profile, add or remove teammates and viewers in Manage team and manage your concepts and locations.

  • Notification Bell

    • If you are new to meez and an editor or viewer you may need to check your notifications, a quick way is by the notification bell. Here is where you will find the invite to join a team. If you are an owner or manager you will see notifications here if one of your editors changed a recipe and if someone left a comment on a recipe.

Create your first recipe!

  • Click on the +New button.

  • Select Recipe from the drop down menu.

  • Our create recipe modal will now open.

  • Type in the name of your recipe.

Pro tip: Make sure recipe and ingredient names are unique. Duplicate names don't function properly in the app.

  • Next select the concept or specific location you want your recipe to be its owner and located in.

    • Selecting the concept will share this recipe across all the locations in the concept.

    • Selecting a location will specify the owner to just that single location and not the whole concept.

  • Optional: Recipe Book

    • What is a recipe book? Recipe books are ways to organize your recipes on your account for quicker access. Find more information on this article (insert article for recipe books.

    • In this section you can type in the name of the recipe book. If it is also owned in the same concept or location as the recipe it will appear in the drop down, selecting it you can add this new recipe to the recipe book.

    • If the recipe book does not currently exist you can click 'add new recipe book called' and create the recipe book and add this new recipe to it at the same time.

  • Now that all the options have been selected you can click the next button.

Your new recipe is now created.

The first item that pops up is our bulk add modal.

The bulk add modal provides a location to add multiple ingredients and prep method steps at once. You can type them in or copy and paste them in from your recipes current form.

Once you have added your ingredients and or prep methods click Add recipe!

If you want to build your recipe one item at a time click skip.

You can always re-open the bulk add modal, by clicking its button on the recipe if the recipe is empty.

If you have added a few ingredients and want to add more in bulk, click the Add Ingredients button at the bottom of the recipe.

We now have a blank new recipe!

If you found that you misspelled the title or want to rename it you can anytime. This is the front page we see when creating or opening a recipe. Notice when you create a new recipe it starts you in edit mode.

Some primary sections to note.

  1. Total Yield

    1. Entering your recipes total yield is very important and essential for costing and nutrition. Always remember to fill it in, quantity and units!

  2. Ingredients

    1. Here you can enter your recipes ingredients one at a time. More on that soon.

  3. Add Headers and Add Notes

    1. Leave notes for your coworkers or yourself, even add images in the notes. Or add headers to organize your recipe.

  4. Recipe Tabs

    1. You can switch to different recipe information. These tabs will be referenced a lot, like the costing tab where we will see our ingredients costs for our recipe, and use the food cost calculator.

Adding Ingredients

  • Make sure you are in edit mode

  • Click in the ingredients search section and type in the amount and the ingredient you want to add.

    • Our meez database has many ingredients already programmed in.

    • For example if you want to add one cup of flour just type "1 cup flour"

    • The search bar will fill and show you ingredients to pick from.

    • When you see the ingredient you want in this case Flour select it.

    • The app will add 1 cup Flour to your recipe!

  • What if the ingredient is not in the drop down database?

    • Type in the name of your ingredient. For example Maine Blueberries.

    • Hit Enter or Click off from the search area to add it to your recipe.

    • You may need to re-type the name of the ingredient into the recipe.

    • Click on the red highlighted area and you'll see the drop down list.

    • If you don't see the ingredient in the drop down you will see other options.

      • Create New Ingredient

      • Create Recipe

      • Create Ingredient w/ Prep Action.

    • Select Create New Ingredient and the ingredient will now be defined and added to your account.

  • Continue to add ingredients. Or re-open the bulk add module by clicking the Add Ingredients button.

Important note: Remember to add your quantity and units to your ingredients. If you leave the units section empty the app will assume the unit 'each'.

Total Yield

  • Once your recipe is formed enter your total yield, quantity and units.

  • For example if it is a batch of cookies enter the amount of cookies are going to make '30 each'.

  • If it is a plate recipe you can enter 1 serving.

  • If you are unsure of the yield and want the total weight or volume of your recipe added up for you, select the Auto calculate yield slider. For more information on that feature see this help article.

Congratulations you have now successfully built your first recipe in meez!

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