Meez can get you the most accurate recipe costs possible, so you can keep your profit margins and food cost % exactly where they need to be.

With Invoice Processing, all of your purchases can be linked to ingredients in your recipes, with the most current cost automatically reflected in every recipe.


  • Get ingredient costs uploaded to your meez account with every scanned invoice

  • Track ingredient price fluctuations and spend analysis.

  • Downloadable inventory lists

  • Ensure your recipe costs and food cost percentages are always up to date

The Invoice Processing add-on includes two important features.

Purchase Reporting

With the invoice processing add-on, you’ll can access your own purchase reporting dashboard. From this dashboard you can see:

  • Your scanned and digitized invoices

  • Price fluctuations for individual items over time

  • Category spending breakdown (produce, meat, beverage, etc)

  • Vendor spending breakdown

  • Inventory sheets

Automatic updates to ingredient costs, recipe costs, and food cost percentages.

Once you scan or photograph your invoices and send them to meez, it takes about 48 hours for them to be processed and pushed back into your meez account. Costs from those invoice line-items, once connected to a meez ingredient, will automatically update those ingredient costs. With updated ingredient costs, you can see how your food cost percentage, and profits change invoice to invoice.

Getting Started with Invoice Processing

$99 per location, per month. $250 setup fee (one-time) applies. Available with Premium subscriptions only. Contact Sales to add Invoice Processing to your account.

Sample Graphs from the Purchase Reporting Dashboard

AP Automation

Starting at $149-249 / month / location

  • The Level 1 Invoice processing plan PLUS:

  • Unlimited Invoices of ALL GL types can be uploaded to your purchase center (i.e. Utilities, Rent, all other bills, etc.)

  • Sync all of your bills to your accounting software in real time

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