Dialog-to-Clip FAQ
Everything You Need to Know About D2C
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How Do I Install The Plug-in?

  1. Click here to open the Adobe Exchange to get the plug-in

  2. Select “Install Now” to download and install the Dialog-to-Clip plug-in

  3. Start your free trial to get your API key

  4. Open Premiere Pro and launch the plugin (Window->Extensions->Dialog-to-Clip). Enter your API key when prompted

  5. Need more help? Read our FAQ (That's here, where you're reading!)

What Platforms Can You Use D2C On?

Dialog-To-Clip is currently only available for Premiere Pro. It works for both Windows and Mac systems.

How Much Does it Cost?

After Dialog-To-Clip's Free 7-Day Trial you will incur a charge of $19.99 per month to continue using D2C. The transcription cost of $0.05/m will remain the same.

How Can I Get Help?

Feel free to email help@Seeen.com or initiate a chat in the bottom corner of this page.

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