New Updates

Latest features, patchnotes & how to reach us

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Pathfinder Training Program

Essential Onboarding videos to watch and learn Trail!

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A list of the most commonly asked questions by Trail users

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Data Migration

Import Options, Costs & Supported CRM Instructions

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Set Up

Essential setup of your Trail account, including your disclosures!

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Get Started

All the basics of Trail

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Profile & Contact Management

Edit your client's Profile, their Documents and their Contact details

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The Client Portal

Get to know the Client Portal and helping your clients login

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Emails & Integrations

Using Trail for emails & to link with Mailchimp & ActiveCampaign

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Use Trail to complete lending applications, provide mortgage recommendations and service fixed rate rollovers

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Personal Risk Insurance

Use Trail to provide personal risk advice and perform policy reviews

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KiwiSaver & Investments

How to manage your client's Investment and KiwiSaver advice

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Fire and General Insurances

Use Trail to manage you Fire and General opportunities

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Reporting & Filtering Data

Extract lists and reports using Advanced Filter & the Reports page

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Kiwi Adviser Network Articles

Get to know KAN exclusive features!

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Training Video Archive

Masterclasses, Trailblazers & Office Hours

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