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Understanding Automatic Document Requests
Understanding Automatic Document Requests

How documents are requested once a client completes their fact find

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When a client completes an application through Trail, the software works out what documents the adviser is likely to need from the client automatically. If the client has any of these documents ready, they'll be able to upload them straight away. The software will never get this 100% perfect, but it will help improve the customer experience significantly (we estimate 90% accuracy). As an adviser, you can always update the document request if need be.

1. Your client completes an application

When your client completes an application, Trail automatically calculates which documents are required. For example, if an applicant has a job, payslips will be requested from the client. The software calculates rules for all borrower document types, including:

  1. Identification

  2. Compliance

  3. Income

  4. Bank & Other Debt Statements

  5. Property Documents

  6. Construction Documents

  7. Deposit Confirmation

  8. Insurance Documents

2. Trail displays a list of documents for your client to upload

This list will be displayed under the 'Documents' tab in your Client Portal, and will also include your Compliance related documents (for example, your declaration), which clients can download, sign, and re-upload.

Each document contains the following:

  1. Title i.e. 'Declaration'

  2. Type i.e. 'Compliance'

  3. Description

  4. Status i.e. 'Required'

The list of documents can be edited from the Documents tab of the client's Profile through your adviser login.

3. Your client uploads documents through their Client Portal

When the client uploads documentation they will have the opportunity to select which document they have uploaded.

4. You will be notified via email of new uploaded documents that need to be checked.

Depending on your notification settings, you will be notified that the client has uploaded documents. From here, you can log into Trail and check through the documents.

5. The client's list of documents will update to reflect a new status

Once you have reviewed the client's documents, they will reflect various status' on the client portal. There are four different status' the clients will see:

  1. Required - The client still needs to upload this document

  2. Pending - The client has uploaded a document, which the adviser is yet to check

  3. Incomplete - The document has been checked by the adviser and will not be up to the banks' standards

  4. Completed - The document has been checked by the adviser and is sufficient for the bank



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