Changing the Permissions of Users
Deciding what advisers, assistants and managers can see
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Permissions allow you to change what members of your organisation have access to and can change. This is useful when you don't want advisers to see the clients that other advisers have - this could be, for example, because your company pays advisers on commission, in which case you may want to keep their clients private.

Before changing the permissions of users, it's a good idea to check your organisation's Users & Teams settings to make sure each user has the right characteristics assigned to them. 

Adviser Permissions

Here you can change the permissions for advisers, assistants and managers. This allows you to decide what different users can view and assign. For example, you may only want your advisers to be able to see their own clients, but if you have assistants that help more than one adviser, you may want them to be able to see the clients for their team or whole organisation.

Administrator Settings

This allows you to decide what can and cannot be edited within the settings. If you find yourself unable to access a part of the settings, it is because you are not an administrator or it has not been enabled by permissions.

Other necessary permissions

At Trail we not only love feedback, but we need it too. If there are extra permissions that you need added, as well as any improvements that will make your business run more smoothly, then please let us know at and we will try assist you as best we can.

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