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Organising Teams, Permissions, and User Access Levels
Organising Teams, Permissions, and User Access Levels

Deciding what advisers, assistants and managers can see

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The Users & Teams section of your Organisation Settings help you to decide every team members role on Trail, and how they interact with the system and each other.


Teams are a great way to segregate advisers and assistants into groups. These groups can then have independent visibility to information only available to the team, depending on your setup.

Adding a new team to your organisation is simple. Click Add Team, underneath your team names, and enter what you would like your team to be called. You can create as many teams as you would like to suit your organisation.


Underneath the Teams section, you will find a list of all the people you have using Trail. Using the dropdown, you can assign individuals into various teams.

We manage all new account additions, cancellations, and access amendments through a form that you can submit to the Support Team. If you would like to add a new user, cancel an account, or just make a user change, filling this out will ensure we see your request πŸ˜„


Permissions allow you to change what members of your organisation have access to and can change. This is useful when you don't want advisers to see the clients that other advisers have - this could be, for example, because your company pays advisers on commission, in which case you may want to keep their clients private.

Before changing the permissions of users, it's a good idea to check your organisation's Users & Teams settings to make sure each user has the right characteristics assigned to them.Β 

Administrator Settings

A user may only have business admin enabled by a Trail Support Staff member. We can enable this at the request of a director or manager of a company.

Users with business admin enabled will have access to the Organisation Settings as well as all information within an organisation. By default, we allow all business admins to be able to modify all organisation settings, but this can be tweaked further depending on the needs of your company.

User Level Access

User Level Access helps businesses set up access conditions for their staff within Trail. These are important in ensuring all the right people have access to the right content. Your user account types work in conjunction with your organisation's teams, so that you can specify who has access to what.


  • Primarily used for users who intend to give advice

  • Can own profiles

  • Can be given business admin access

  • This account type has access to disclosures as well as a declaration


  • Primarily used for those who assist throughout the advice process, but do not actually give any advice

  • Can be given business admin access

  • Can own opportunities (not profiles)

  • No access to disclosures or a declaration


  • The purpose of this account type can vary between businesses, but often used to signify a user as the manager of the business

  • This account type has the same level of access as n Adviser account

  • Can own profiles

  • Can be given business admin access

  • This account type has access to disclosures as well as a declaration

  • Managers have independent permissions of the Adviser account type

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