Your Notification Settings help to keep you updated on what you think is important. Notification settings are found in your Personal Settings. Having your notifications set up means that you can be made aware of any important changes in your client's situation, whether it be a client completing an application or a policy anniversary.

There are 6 different categories for notifications:

  • Client Activity - When a client registers a Trail account, completes a Fact Find, an activity is due, etc

  • Annual Alerts - When a client's birthday or annual review is coming up

  • Mortgage Events - For FRR, Rollover dates, Settlement dates, etc

  • Insurance Events - For Deferments or Policy Reviews

  • Investment Events - For Investment Reviews

  • Compliance Events - Primarily for the Complaints process built into Trail

Notification options

Within each category there are various notification options. These are:

  • Browser: You will receive a notification from your personal browser notification setup as long as Trail is open in a browser tab on your computer

  • Trail: You will receive a notification in the Trail notification panel

  • Email: You will receive an email notification to your regular login email

  • None: You will not receive any notification

More Options

  • Additional Client Owner: You can decide if you want to receive some notifications for the clients of other team members

  • Create Activity: When this event occurs, you also want an activity to be created - for example, someone submitting an application will cause a Review activity to be created 

Trail notifications

The icon for Trail notifications is a bell inside a circle found in the top right-hand corner, next to your name. When the icon is red, it means that you have notifications that need your attention.

Once you click on the notifications button, your notifications will pop up. This will cause the icon to go back to being grey. From your Trail notifications, you can access a client's Profile.

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