Having automations removes some of the administration work that needs to be done as an adviser, so you can focus on the important stuff. You can find your Automation Settings in your personal settings. From here, you can set up Triggers and Actions for your clients' products. 


Triggers are what need to happen for an Action to occur. You get to decide:

  • How many days before an event occurs the Action will take place

  • The product's Policy Management Status

  • Who the client belongs to for the Action to occur


Actions are what will happen when the Trigger conditions are met. These are:

  • An Opportunity for the event appearing in the pipeline

  • An activity being created for the Opportunity - you can change the kind of activity, as well as adding notes and setting a due time and duration to best suit the activity

What next?

Find out how to add a product to a client's Profile, or read more about completing:

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