Testing out the Client Portal

Checking the Client Portal to better understand what your clients see

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When you are logged into Trail as an adviser, you are unable to see what your clients go through when completing applications. However, it is beneficial for advisers to know what exactly their clients do when they begin the application process and testing out the Client Portal is a good way to do this. It is especially beneficial if the client has a question about the fact find, as you can understand their question and can help them.

To test out the Client Portal:

  1. Log out of your Trail account and go to your organisation's Trail subdomain eg. xyz.gettrail.com.

2. Click 'Create one here' to create a new account, and fill in all the details

  • IMPORTANT: Do not use the email address you use for your adviser login as it won't work - using your own personal email address is a good way to get the full experience of how a client interacts with Trail.

  • Having the word 'test' or 'example' in the client name - for example, Chuck Slogrove Test - makes it easy to recognise a test account compared to an actual account when logged in as an adviser.

3. Begin filling out an application and see what happens!

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