What is Trail?

What Trail can do for your business and how it differs from other solutions

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Trail is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows financial advisers to have everything they need in order to easily do their job in one simple system.

We understand that as advisers, you're constantly busy, and you shouldn't need to spend your time on tasks that could be automated. Trail saves you a lot of time on these tasks and allowing you to fit in more clients.

The problem

The way that many financial advisers currently work opens up gateways for inefficiencies that waste time better spent on following up leads or networking with referrers. Some of the inefficiencies that Trail removes include:

  • Clients filling in a fact find and advisers needing to copy that information from the fact find into an application form

  • Clients needing to print, fill in, scan and email fact finds

  • Fact finds only being able to cope with a certain amount of information, eg. two applicants

  • Having information about a client and products stored among multiple systems

Our solution

The aim of Trail is no doubling handling for advisers or clients, meaning that the dynamic follow through of information Trail has allows a client or adviser to edit information once, which causes that information automatically change throughout the clients contact, profile and application. On top of this, the developers at Trail are constantly working on software updates to ensure that Trail remains the best solution for you.
Trail works to remove inefficiencies by integrating three vital functions required by financial advisers:

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Client Portal

  • Application Editor

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM features of Trail allow an adviser to have clear record-keeping of who their clients are, document the interactions between adviser and clients as well as keep on top of any applications, activities and review dates that the adviser has to manage. Your client profiles become one stop shops for all of your advising needs!

Client Portal

The Client Portal is a part of the Trail software that allows the clients to actually log into Trail and begin mortgage and insurance applications all online. From here, they fill in the client Fact Find, which automatically gets updated on the adviser side. If a client has completed an application before, the information from their previous application will follow through to their current one, removing the need to enter details a second time.

Application Editor

The Application Editor automatically updates an application to what a client has entered into the fact find. This means that when advisers complete an application, there is minimal information to be entered, so they have more time to focus on bringing in business πŸ“ˆ

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