Managing your Pipeline

Learn how to change the view, move opportunities and bookmark stages in your Pipeline!

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Managing your Pipeline is part of your everyday on Trail; learn how this works and how to do this effectively so that you can keep Trail updated with the latest information!

In this article you will learn:

  • How to toggle the Pipeline view

  • How to move opportunities across into different Pipeline stages

  • How to bookmark a Pipeline stage

Change the Pipeline View

There are a few types of information you can toggle the view of:

  1. The Pipeline Type

    e.g. Insurance Advice or Insurance Servicing.

    This is will be for advice businesses that offer multiple areas of advice (e.g. Insurance & Kiwisaver, or Mortgage & Insurance)

  2. Who the Opportunity is assigned to

    e.g. all opportunities across your whole team, or just one team member.

    This will be for making sure you're looking at your own opportunities or if you are working with or managing other teammates; then to check what is assigned to others.

  3. When is the Activity for the Opportunity Due

    e.g. finding opportunities that have activities due within a week, or for today.

    This often is why you may not see ALL opportunities at once, so make sure you do have "All Time" selected to see ALL opportunities within that stage.

Moving Opportunities across the Pipeline

Moving across the pipeline

To view the further Stages in your Pipeline, simply click and drag on the grey background below the Pipeline Stages and the clients within (this can be seen in the red area in the screenshot below). This will allow you to move to other parts of the Pipeline.

Moving Opportunities in the pipeline

There are multiple ways that an Opportunity can move to another Stage.

1. Click & Hold to drag Opportunity across the Pipeline

This is the most common way and easiest to do. You'll do this when you are managing your Pipeline page.

2. An action resulting in Opportunity moving

Trail's automations for the Pipeline can move an Opportunity between stages automatically - e.g. when a client completes their fact find, or when you have sent a Quick Form. These automations can be changed in your organisation's Pipeline settings.

3. Choosing a Stage when in the client's Profile

When on a client's Profile, selecting an Opportunity tile opens the application overview sidebar.

From here, you can click a Pipeline Stage to move the Opportunity there.

Bookmarking a Pipeline stage

Trail allows you to bookmark a Pipeline Stage, so you can focus on the part of the advice process which is most important to you.

When you bookmark a Stage in your Pipeline it means that particular Stage will be the first you see when you come back to your Pipeline page.

For example, if your assistant is mostly involved with the first half of the advice process, and you do most of the work in the second half, then bookmarking a Stage halfway down the Pipeline (e.g. you manage Opportunities from "Application Submitted") means that you can instantly see the information that is most important to you whenever you jump onto your Pipeline page.

How to Bookmark

  1. Go to the pipeline where you would like to add the bookmark

  2. Find the stage you would like to bookmark

  3. Hover your mouse over the name of the stage

  4. Click the grey tab that appears - this will turn the tab blue and it will now be your bookmarked tab

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