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Managing a Profile's Products

Editing your client's current insurance and mortgage products

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In this article you will learn:

  • What is a Product in Trail

  • How to add a Product to a Profile manually

  • How to manage clients Products

  • How to download a summary of the clients Products

What is a Product in Trail?

A product represents a client's current loans, policies or investments.

Once you complete an advice or servicing Opportunity in Trail, a product will be automatically created in the products section in the clients profile to make it easy for you to review when needed.

How do I add a Product manually?

Simply click the 'Add Product' button at the bottom of the box and select which financial product it is for (Mortgage, Insurance or Investment).

Enter the details of the Product and the click ''Done'', this will then save it.

How to manage your clients products

Clicking on any product's tile will open the modal that has all the information about the product. From here, you can edit the product's details or delete/archive the product all together.

Setting a review date for the product means that when the product approaches that date, the automations you have set up in your Settings will create an opportunity and activity for you to ensure that you keep on top of your existing clients.

How to download a summary of the clients Products

Trail allows you to see a client-friendly overview of a Profile's product information. The button to view this overview can be seen underneath each product tab.

This is labelled as:

  • For mortgage products - 'View Lending Summary'

  • For insurance products - 'Policy Schedule'

  • For investment products - 'View Investment Summary'

Clicking one of these buttons will open the summary for that product. From here, you can see all the important information about the products that the client has.

If you'd like to send this to your client for any reason, it's easy to download the summary as a PDF so you can email it through to them.

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