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Utilising a Profile's Timeline

Keeping track of what has happened with your clients over time

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On the right side of the Profile you can find the Timeline. A Profile's Timeline holds all the Profile's past events in chronological order. Your timeline is broken into five categories:

  • Activities that have been completed

  • Notes that have been written

  • Emails that have been sent or received (first, make sure your email is integrated)

  • Opportunities that have moved through the pipeline

  • Opportunities that have been won, lost or archived

At the top of the Timeline, you can toggle between these categories so you can choose to only see events from one category.

For emails, notes and activities you also have the freedom to pin, move to another profile or delete any timeline step. By clicking on the three horizontal dots you open a menu to manage the Timeline steps.

  • Pin - You can Pin a note, email or activity on top of a profile's timeline. This can be used to ensure you don't miss any key details when glancing at your client's profile.

  • Move - Emails, notes and activities can be moved across profiles if you find something in the wrong place! Note: Activities cannot be moved if they are linked to an opportunity.

  • Delete - You can remove any email, activities or notes. These are immediately deleted and Trail cannot restore any deleted timeline objects so please consider carefully before you click that button.

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