A client's Profile shows all the activities that need to be completed for a client. These are found above the Timeline on the right side of the screen so you're aware of what needs to be done for the client as soon as you are on their Profile. You can change your available activity types in your organisation settings to best suit your business πŸ‘

There are five activity types:

  • Email

  • Call

  • Task

  • Meeting

  • Review

NOTE You can create custom activity types! Click here to learn how πŸš€

To create a new Activity:

1. Click Add Activity on the header bar of the Profile

2. Add in activity details and click save - this will add it to the Profile above the Timeline.

To edit or delete an activity:

1. Click the three dots to the right of the activity

2. Click the Edit button to change the details of the activity, or click the Delete button to remove the activity from the Profile

To complete an activity:

There are two ways to complete an activity from a Profile.

1. Select the tick box to the left of the activity

2. When creating or editing an activity, check the Mark as Done tick box

If you complete an activity and it was the last activity for that Opportunity, then the software will recognise this and another activity modal will be opened for that Opportunity - this makes sure that you stay on top of your open Opportunities πŸ‘ We recommend always having an activity set up for open opportunities on profiles to ensure that you're always on top of it πŸ’ͺ

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