Once a client's email address is added to their Profile, then any email you send or receive from the client will appear in the Timeline for the client (as long as your email is integrated). This feature is a great way to keep a track of where exactly a client is in their application process, especially if there are multiple users in touch with a client. 

However, what happens when you are sending emails about a client, and not directly to or from them? This sort of situation could occur if you're emailing a bank or insurer about a particular application, or emailing your assistant about the client. There is a way around this:

Sending an email about a client to a third party:

1. Copy the Profile's Timeline Address, a button found on the right header bar

2. When sending the email, paste this link in the BCC field. The email address will look like: 'timeline+[numbers/letters]@gettrail.com'

Receiving an email about a client from a third party:

1. Copy the Profile's Timeline Address

2. Forward the received email to the copied address. This will add the email to the Timeline

Email integration

To ensure that a client's email will get pulled into their timeline, make sure your email address is integrated. This article on setting up your email integration may help!

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