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Basic Actions for Profiles

How to rename a profile, archive a profile or set a profile to client view!

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Once you have created a profile, here are some basic actions you will need to know about and understand to be able to effectively manage these!

We'll specifically be looking at these options under the drop-down:

In this article you will learn:

  • How to rename a Profile

  • Manually trigger the syncing of emails to the profile

  • Setting a Profile to Client View

  • Briefly covering: Merging a Profile & Archiving

How to Rename a Profile

When you or a client creates a Contact, if the Contact isn't linked to a Profile, a new Profile will automatically be created for that Contact. For simplicity, this Profile is automatically given the same name as the Contact, which will then remain the same as more Contacts are added. However, this may mean that the name of the Profile doesn't accurately reflect everyone in it. Renaming a Profile also means that it is easy to distinguish between different Profiles even if they have the same members.

1. Click the Actions button next to the Profile's name, and select Rename Profile

2. Type the new name for the Profile and tick the green tick to the right of the name to save it

Note: Clients will be able to see the name you set their Profile, so take extra care here!

Sync Emails to Timeline

This is a manual button for adding the emails of the clients in this profile to the queue of emails to be synced.

Similar to the mailbox page where you can click "Refresh", this works similarly for when you are looking for an email to sync into their profile on Trail.

Tip! πŸ’‘ While waiting, continue with other work - then after a while come back an refresh your browser to see if the email has shown up!

Setting a Profile to Client View

Though Trail was created to work seamlessly online, many advisers still enjoy meeting with their clients in person to go through their applications. For this reason, Trail has created a 'client view' of a Profile, to hide some information that you may not want the client to see. The Profile view is set to default when you first join Trail, with all tabs in the heading bar showing.

Setting a Profile to client view can be done by clicking Actions next to the Profile's name, and selecting Set to Client View. Client view hides the Profile grade, status, source and the adviser originator.

To switch back to the default view, simply click Actions again and select Set to Default View πŸ‘

Merging & Archiving Profiles

For the Merging of Profiles, please see this article here which covers this in depth.

For Archiving a profile, where the client file is no longer actively required, simply click "Archive Profile":

The pop-up will give you the indication of resulting actions of archiving a Profile:

After clicking "Archive" the profile will appear like this to indicate it is archived:

We also have more information for bulk archiving of profiles here!

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