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Renaming a Profile to Better Represent a Situation
Renaming a Profile to Better Represent a Situation

Setting a name for a Profile that better suits the clients in it

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When you or a client creates a Contact, if the Contact isn't linked to a Profile, a new Profile will automatically be created for that Contact. For simplicity, this Profile is automatically given the same name as the Contact, which will then remain the same as more Contacts are added. However, this may mean that the name of the Profile doesn't accurately reflect everyone in it. Renaming a Profile also means that it is easy to distinguish between different Profiles even if they have the same members.

1. Click the 'Actions' button next to the Profiles name, and select 'Rename Profile'

2. Decide on the new name for the Profile and tick the green tick to the right of the name to save it

Note: Clients will be able to see the name you set their Profile.

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