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Changing a Profile's Statement of Position
Changing a Profile's Statement of Position

Updating a Profile's position to reflect their new circumstances

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Trail makes it easy when you need to view all of your client's current, active information about their financial position in one place!

This is done from the Statement of Position page on your client's Profile! This is an essentially all of your client's Fact Find information, and you can view / update/ remove information without being in /or having an open Advice Opportunity .

The Statement of Position page contains all the up to date client information and you can generate a PDF version of this to send to whomever needs to check this information or as a way to affirm the information is correct πŸ‘

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Position page?

  • How to Access?

  • Editing Information

  • Statement of Position PDF

What is the Position page?

The Position tab on a client's Profile should hold the accurate, updated financial position of your clients. It is essentially the Fact Find information you would gather in order to give financial advice.

This information could have been filled out by yourself or your client. Your client can only fill out this information by completing an online Fact Find through the Client Portal. Once a client completes the Fact Find, their Profile Statement of Position is automatically updated to reflect their new situation.πŸ‘

For yourself, you can use this page anytime to view, add, edit or remove current information regarding your client. Also to download a PDF version of this (see further below).

How to Access

To reach this page, click Position at the top of a client's Profile.

Editing Information

From here, you can click into any section and update any client information. This is useful for if an event occurs in your client's life, such as a house sale or a new baby being born, that would incur a change their Statement of Position.

Any changes you make to this page will impact the Fact Find information of any open Advice Opportunities that you are working on with your client as it is live information.

For example, if you alter the client's DOB or details of properties they currently own, then it will change it in the Fact Find of the open Advice Opportunity and vice versa.

Statement of Position PDF

In order to download the Statement of Position PDF, go to the bottom left and click the green Download button. This should download a copy to your device.

Next, have a check the information for the Statement of Position is all appearing correct.

You can then use the blue Email button to send an email to your client that includes this SOP document as an attachment. An email template will appear, and you'll see the PDF is already attached:

You can edit this template in your Email Settings if you do decide sending the SOP back to your client is part of your regular process. πŸ‘

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