Completing an Opportunity

Winning, losing, deleting or changing the pipeline of an opportunity

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Whether it is finishing up an advice process or pausing it for the time being; at some point you will need to remove an opportunity from your Pipeline.

There are a few easy ways this can be done easily on Trail. Knowing this will mean you can keep your Pipeline clean and tidy, with only the active client's Opportunities represented rather than ones that you have finished with!

In this article you will learn:

  • When do I complete or close an Opportunity?

  • How to remove an Opportunity

  • What does it mean to Win, Lose, Archive or Change Pipeline for an Opportunity?

When do I complete an Opportunity?

You may be asking yourself, "When should I win an opportunity? Or should I archive this one? Maybe this is a Lost opportunity?"

The best way on how to remember what to do with each opportunity is as follows:

Win the Opportunity:

  • You have given your advice and the advice has been implemented. This may be defined by Commissions recieved/ or the end of communications with client for the time being (until servicing time!)

Lose the Opportunity:

  • You have gone through the advice process, but your client does not proceed with your advice.

  • You start an opportunity but do not complete it because your client becomes unresponsive or backs out of the process.

Archive the Opportunity:

  • You may have created a duplicate opportunity and no longer want it open.

  • You may have created an opportunity accidentally.

  • Your clients have opened this Opportunity by mistake.

  • You may have forgotten to close an opportunity from a long time ago and it is no longer relevant.

Change Opportunity Pipeline:

  • You may need to change the Opportunity from being in the Prospecting Pipeline to the Advice pipeline after you've qualified your client/ they have moved through the 'new client' process.

How to Remove an Opportunity

  1. Drag & Drop in the Pipeline

    On your Pipeline view - click, hold and drag the Opportunity towards the bottom of the page, then let go of the hold. There you will have these options:

    *Note you will only see "Change Pipelines" if you have the Prospecting Pipeline turned on in your Settings. This option is only available from Pipeline View.

  2. From Client's Profile

    Going into the client's profile and clicking on the Opportunity tile - then once the side panel of information appears on the right, then click the 3 dot menu, and select which option you would like:

What does Win / Lose / Archive mean?

Win / Complete

If you set the Opportunity to Complete, you will have to update some compulsory information (based on Mortgage are given the option to update the client's position as a result of that application, ensuring the information for that client remains relevant for the next time you wish to work with them.

The Won Opportunity will then be parked in the client's Profile Timeline and look like this:


If you set the Opportunity to Lost, you can select why this happened, for your record keeping and reporting, and then make any further comments. You can also delete any 'Properties to be Purchased' from the profile along with it.

Once the Opportunity is Lost, then it will be stored in the Profile Timeline which you can refer to or re-open in the future.


If you set the Opportunity to Archived, it will simply be removed from both the Pipeline and client Profile and parked into the client's Profile Timeline. It can be re-opened in the future. This Trail's alternative option to full deletion in case you do need to refer back to it or re-open it, and usually used for duplicate opportunities.

Change Pipeline

If you set the Opportunity to Change Pipeline (only available by clicking and dragging on timeline), you will have the choice of moving the Opportunity from the Prospecting Pipeline (if this is active), to the Advice Pipeline.

Special Mentions:

  • Whether you win/ lose/ archive an Opportunity, you can always 'Re-open' the opportunity from the client's Profile Timeline. This is so you never really delete an opportunity permanently and can refer back to it at any time.

  • For mortgages, whether you win/ lose/ archive, the Diary Notes for the Opportunity can be downloaded.

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