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When dragging an opportunity using the mouse, you are able to move the opportunity to different stages in the pipeline. However, dragging the opportunity also allows you the ability to set the opportunity as Complete, Lost, or Deleted by dragging it to the corresponding area at the bottom of the Pipeline and letting go of the opportunity. Doing so will remove the opportunity from the Pipeline.

If your prospecting Pipeline is turned on, then you will also have the ability to Change the Pipeline between the prospecting and advice/servicing Pipelines.

  • If you set the Opportunity to Complete, you are given the option to update the client's position as a result of that application, ensuring the information for that client remains relevant for the next time you wish to work with them. To learn more about winning an Opportunity, click here for mortgages and here for insurance.

  • If you set the Opportunity to Lost, you are given the option to make a note as to why the opportunity was lost, for your information. This will be stored in the client's Profile so you can view this in the future.

  • If you set the Opportunity to Deleted, it will simply be removed from both the Pipeline and client Profile. This is the option you take if you don't want to keep a record of the Opportunity

  • If you set the Opportunity to Change Pipeline, you will have the choice of moving the Opportunity to/from the prospecting Pipeline (if this is active).

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