Trail has various Pipelines and Pipeline Stages to help you keep track of the different processes you have for each application you do 👍 These Pipelines can be edited to best suit your workflow needs. The name of the Pipeline that you are in will show on the Pipeline header bar. Clicking on the Pipeline name will allow you to switch between your different Pipelines.

Trail has two categories for Pipelines - mortgages and insurance.

There are three Pipelines for mortgages:

  • Prospecting - This is for when you are in the process of scoping out a potential deal, but have not yet decided if you're proceeding.

  • Advice - The Advice Pipeline is the bread and butter of the Mortgage Advice process. You'll move an opportunity here from prospecting once you know that you're going to be proceeding with advice.

  • Servicing - This pipeline is currently for Fixed Rate Reviews and contains built in automations for this process.

Insurance Pipelines are the same as the mortgage Pipelines, but with an extra Claims Pipeline. Each Pipeline has a different use:

  • Advice - The Advice Pipeline is to keep track of full mortgage and insurance applications.

  • Servicing - The Servicing Pipeline is for mortgage fixed rate reviews and insurance policy renewals. Opportunities will automatically be created in these Pipelines based on your Automation settings.

  • Claims (insurance only) - The Claims Pipeline is used when one of your insurance clients wants to make an insurance claim.

  • Prospecting - This Pipeline is optional. It is for advisers who specifically manage their marketing efforts through a different process/pipeline. This Pipeline can be especially useful for larger businesses with more clients. The Prospecting Pipeline can be turned on in your General Organisation settings.

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