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Understanding Pipeline Stages

Pipeline Stages represent the state of your open Opportunities. The furthest from completion are in the left-most stages, and those nearing completion are towards the right.

Each Stage displays at the top:

  1. A title, representing the state of the opportunities inside it

  2. A dollar amount, representing the total value of all the opportunities inside it

  3. The number of opportunities inside that stage

  4. Stage settings, represented by three dots

Stage settings

Stage settings allow you to hide opportunities that are not currently actionable within a reasonable time-frame. If you have too many Opportunities in a single stage of your Pipeline, this can be a useful feature to provide you with more focus. You can access the stage settings by clicking the three dots in the top right of the stage.

  • Show opportunities actionable within: Will hide any opportunities whose activities fall outside of the specified time frame, allowing you to only see the opportunities which are relevant to your workflow.

For more in depth settings for Pipeline Stages, go to your organisation's Pipeline settings.

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