Creating a New Activity

How to add a new Activity for a client

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Streamline your task management in Trail and ensure your Opportunities are continuously moving forward by creating and using Activities!

What are Activities

  • Activities are essentially 'task' reminders in Trail. They can represent anything that you need to do for a client - for example, an email, a call, or a review.

  • They can be linked to Opportunities to help you keep on top of the next step with your client and that particular Opportunity.

  • Every Opportunity should have an Activity associated to it to make sure you don't miss any deadlines.

Where to create an Activity

Adding an Activity can be done from three places:

The Activities Page

Go to the Activities page by clicking on the calendar icon on navbar on the left of your screen. From here, you can click the green 'Add Activity' button on the top left of your screen.

A client's Profile

Go to the client's Profile and on the header bar, click the green 'Add Activity' button.

The Pipeline

Clicking on the Opportunity tile will allow you to see the Activity status of the Opportunity. If there is already an Activity for this opportunity, clicking on the Activity status will allow you to edit the Activity. If there is no Activity created for Opportunity, then clicking the Activity status will allow you to create a new Activity.

Creating the Activity

Using any of the three methods above will make the Activity modal will appear. From here, fill out the details and save the Activity. If this is an Activity you have just completed, you are also able to mark it as 'Done'.

Managing your existing Activities

Your Activities can be managed from the Pipeline, the Activities page, and a client's Profile.

For more about Activity management, click here!

Customising your Activity Types

At any time, you can edit the Activity Types that appear when creating an Activity to better suit the way you work. These Activity Types can be personalised in your settings.

Getting notified of Activities

Depending on your settings, you will receive different kinds of notifications for Activities. Your notification settings are where you can decide in which situation you receive which kind of Activity notifications.

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