Completing a Fixed Rate Review
Reviewing your client's fixed loans and 'winning' the Opportunity
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In this article you will learn:

  • How do Fixed Rate Reviews work in Trail

  • How to complete a Fixed Rate Review

How do Fixed Rate Reviews work in Trail:

When your client's fixed rate is coming to renewal, your client may want to renew or restructure their loan.

To do this, a mortgage servicing Opportunity needs to be created. Once this has been done, sending the client a Quickform is an easy way to receive information about any important changes to their statement of position, which could affect their restructure.

The Quickform consists of a short form they fill out via the client portal:

You will be notified when a client has sent in their Quickform, so you can see what changes have occurred in the client's life. Any changes the client has indicated will automatically be updated in their statement of position on their client profile.

From here, you can discuss with the client how to move forward in their best interests, and negotiate new rates with the bank.

How to complete a Fixed Rate Review:

1. Once the client has completed the Quickform. Go onto the client's Profile and open the application overview sidebar by clicking on the Opportunity tile

2. Select 'Edit New Product' at the bottom of the sidebar

3. Fill in the new loan details and click 'Done'

4. Once you have received commission from the refix, click the 3 dots to the right of the 'Edit New Product' button in the application overview sidebar, and select 'Complete'

Note: An Opportunity can also be completed on the Pipeline, by dragging the Opportunity tile to the 'Complete' button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Double check the new details and then click 'Win Servicing Event'

This will remove the servicing Opportunity from the Pipeline and set another automation for the end of the fixed term.

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