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Access & information in the Client Portal
Access & information in the Client Portal

Who can enter and what information can be accessed in Trail's Client Portal

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The Client Portal in Trail helps speed up the delivery of information from your client to you as their adviser.

It allows clients to do many things, such as filling out or editing their Fact Find and uploading relevant documents - all of which will automatically appear in their Profile on the adviser side of Trail.

In light of this, you may want to understand how access works for Clients and what information they can or cannot see in the Client Portal.

In this article you will learn:

  • Who can login to the Client Portal?

  • How can you tell your client has logged in before?

  • What information can be accessed in the Client Portal?

  • What information is not available in the Client Portal?

Who can login to the Client Portal?

Only the Contacts on a Profile marked as "Participants" have access to the Client Portal.

This means any other contact types - e.g. "Dependents, Solicitors, Accountants" cannot access the Client Portal for the profile. This is so that there is no privacy breach of information as the risk is mitigated through how Trail is designed.

You can decide who in a Profile is a 'Participant' by clicking on the drop-down box next to their name in the Contacts box:

After Logging In

When a client logs into Trail, depending on how they are accessing this - they will either be taken straight into a Fact Find/ Quickform, OR they will be taken to the dashboard of the Client Portal.

How can you tell if a client has logged into the Client Portal?

You can simply check a client's profile to see if they have logged into their Client Portal before or never have.

Go to the Contacts box and select Edit Details:

Then under 'Actions', you will see a Login Email there and be able to send a Password Reset Link:

If your client has both of these (login email and the option to send a password reset link) then it means they have set up a password and therefore have logged into the Client Portal at least once before.

What information can my client have access to?

What your clients can see from the Client Portal is very different to what you see from the adviser-side of Trail. This is to protect your privacy as an adviser.
​A client can only see information they have entered into Trail, and this is only if they have been:

  1. Registered to have access in one of these 3 ways

  2. Have an open Opportunity on their profile

For example - see the "Open Opportunities" here:

From the Client Portal Dashboard it looks like this:

What clients can see in the Client Portal

  • Their Fact Find and/or Needs Analysis information shared across the active contacts on the same Profile.

  • They can see changes you've made to their Fact Find

  • Any active documents you/they have uploaded

  • Any open opportunities they may have

What clients cannot see in the Client Portal

  • Any Activities or Notes on their profile

  • Anything about the Timeline on their profile - which includes
    e.g. the emails that pull into the Profile

  • Any profile tagging information/ ranking/

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