When a client logs into Trail, they will be taken to the dashboard of the Client Portal. The Client Portal allows clients to do many things, such as editing outstanding applications that they have and uploading relevant documents, which will automatically appear in their Profile on the adviser side of Trail. 

Who can login to view an application?

There are various Contacts involved in an application that shouldn't have the right to see all the information in an application - for example, a dependent or independent person that could see all the information of the applicants would cause a privacy breach. Trail has mitigated this risk by allowing only Contacts that are labelled 'Participants' in a Profile to access the Client Portal and see all the application details. You can decide who in a Profile is a 'Participant' by clicking on the blue drop down in the Contact box of a Profile.

What can clients see from the Portal?

What a client can see from the Client Portal is very different to what can be seen from the adviser side of Trail. A client can only see the information they have entered onto Trail, such as what they have answered in a fact find/needs analysis, and the documents they have uploaded (Note: clients are able to see any changes you have made to their fact find). However, they are not able to see anything else that appears on the client's Profile, such as any notes you have written about them or Activities that you have created for the clients. This is to protect your privacy as an adviser.

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