Resetting your Client's Password

Getting clients access to the Client Portal if they have forgotten their passwords

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At any time, when logged into the Client Portal, a client can change their password. This can be done by clicking on their email address in the top right hand corner, and selecting 'Profile'. From here, they can change their current password.

What if my client has forgotten their password?

If a client has forgotten their password, they need this to be reset. This can be done through both the client and adviser side of Trail.

Client side

On the login screen, a client can select 'Forgot password?' which will send them a reset link after entering their email address.

Adviser side

1. Go into the Profile for the person you wish to change the email address for

2. Find the client in the Contacts box, and click 'Edit Details'

3. In the modal, select 'Actions', then select 'Send Password Reset Link', which will automatically send them an email to reset their password

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