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Changing your Client's Contact and Login Email Addresses
Changing your Client's Contact and Login Email Addresses

If your client has a new or different email address to be used

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There may come a situation where a client's email address is no longer relevant and needs to be updated. This can be changed from both the client and the adviser side of Trail.

It is good to note that there is a difference of definition between a Contact / Primary Email Address and a client's Login Email Address:

  • Contact Email Address: This is the Primary Email Address and one of the ones that is synced to a client's profile.

  • Login Email Address: This is the email address used as a 'Username' for your client to login to the client portal in Trail.

These are usually the same, but it is important to change both at the same time to avoid confusion.

Client Portal

At any time, when a client is logged in, they can change their email address by clicking on their email address in the top right corner and then clicking 'Profile'.

In their Profile, they can change their contact details, including their contact email address and then under the Account Details section, their login email address.

They can also opt to change their login password here as well.

Adviser Login

1. Go into the Profile for the person you wish to change the email address for

2. Find the client in the Contacts box, and click 'Edit Details' which is blue pencil and box icon:

To Change your client's Login Email address & Contact Email Address:

  1. In the modal, select 'Actions', then select 'Change login email'

  2. Edit the email address to the new one, click 'Update Login Email', then click at the bottom: 'Done'

  3. A warning message will appear to say the Login email address is currently different to the client's Contact / Primary email address.

    If this email address is also their new Primary Email address, this will need to be updated as well, so that emails from this email address will sync to the profile.

Please bear in mind, you can change the Primary Email address first, and then follow that by changing the Login Email address after - either way works but the important thing is to make sure they match, so that your client can use this new email address to login to the client portal as well!

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