Fixed Rate Review Quickforms

How a client completes a FRR quickform

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Once a loan approaches coming off its fixed term, you need to get in touch with the client to see how they would like to restructure their loan. Once a mortgage servicing opportunity has been created, you need to find out if anything in your clients situation has changed that would affect how they should structure their loan. This is done by sending the client a quickform.

When the client accesses the quickform, they will be asked a multitude of questions regarding changes in their financial situation, and if they have any thoughts on what they would like to do in regards to the structure. If a client selects 'yes', to any questions, then they will be asked for extra information regarding the topic.

Once a client clicks 'Done' at the bottom of the page, these answers will be sent to you in a PDF to help you when you negotiate rates with the bank, or speak to your client in further detail about whats best for them.

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