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Editing a Client's Investment Products
Editing a Client's Investment Products

Adding new and updating existing investment products

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NOTE: To watch a training video explaining the investment advice and servicing process, click here.

When completing your client's investment advice or servicing Opportunity, you'll need to add new or edit existing investment products. Once you have spoken to your clients about their future investment needs, you'll need to make changes to their investment products. To do this:

1. Enter the client's Profile

2. Click on the Opportunity tile, then select 'Edit Application' 

This will open the Opportunity Summary page of the Investment Opportunity. Here you can add any relevant information about the Opportunity. Please note that this information is not visible to clients, it is for your own personal information. 

3. Click on the 'Investment Details' section to view the current and proposed investments for the client

The investment details section allows you to edit an existing investment product, as well as add in any proposed products. 

4. Edit or add investment products

You can add current and proposed investments using the green buttons, or edit investments by clicking on the investment product. Clicking on an investment will open the investment product modal, where you can add/edit product information, as well as add any relevant documents.

5. Add investment fund details

Clicking on the green 'Add Fund' button towards the bottom of the page will allow you to specify the funds in the investment. 

What next?

Once the client has decided which investment(s) to hold moving forward, you'll need to complete the Opportunity to update the client's Profile.

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