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Accessing the Investment Application Editor
Accessing the Investment Application Editor
To update your client's investment details
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When recommending investment products for your client, you'll need to update their current and new information. To do this, you’ll need to access Trail’s Application Editor. The application editor can be from:

  • A client's Profile

  • The Opportunity Pipeline

 The client's Profile page 

1a. From the application tab

Click on the Applications tab in the header of your client’s profile, then click the relevant Opportunity to enter the application editor for the specified client.

1b. From the application overview sidebar

1. Select the Opportunity tile on the client's Profile to open the application overview sidebar. This sidebar contains an overview of all the application details for the Opportunity.

2. Click on Edit Application at the bottom of the application overview sidebar.

The Opportunity Pipeline

Click on the Opportunity tile for the client, and then select 'Application' to go to the application editor. 

What next?

Add your client's investment product details.

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