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I can't add KiwiSaver/superannuation as an expense
I can't add KiwiSaver/superannuation as an expense

Making sure a client's KiwiSaver and superannuation will appear in the fact find

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One of the things that we hold of high importance here at Trail is that we don't want advisers and their clients to be asked irrelevant questions. We do our best to make the software easy and streamlined to use.Β 

Because of this, there are two factors that must be met before a client's KiwiSaver or superannuation show in the expenses section of the fact find:

  • The customer has a KiwiSaver and/or superannuation fund in the Assets & Investments section of the fact find

  • The client has an income in the Income section of the fact find

Once these two conditions are met, then the KiwiSaver and/or superannuation will show as categories in the expenses section.Β 

If you are entering in the fact find information yourself, you may need to refresh the page to let the software register that the conditions have been met - this can sometimes take a few minutes.

If these conditions have been met and you have refreshed the page/waited a few minutes and the KiwiSaver/superannuation is still not appearing in the expenses, please get in touch with us using the blue chat button or emailing us at

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