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What is the Client Portal?
How to invite your client to the Client Portal
How to invite your client to the Client Portal

How to know which link to send a client

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Trail has three different kinds of web pages in which a client can access the Client Portal to fill in a fact find or quickform. A client will reach a certain web page based on the way they reach the Client Portal.

It's important to understand the difference between these pages and when each of them is used, so your client has no issues accessing the Client Portal.

In this article you will learn how to invite access through:

  • 1.) The Registration Page
    How to invite completely new clients to create a new login for the Client Portal

  • 2.) The Invitation Link
    This is sent via an open Opportunity on the client's profile in Trail - for new and existing clients.

  • 3.) The Login Page
    This is the general landing/ login page for yourself and for any clients who have already setup their passwords for the Client Portal.

1. The Registration Page

If you would like new clients who you have not entered into Trail to register with you themselves, you can use either:

Your Client Sign-Up Link

This link is unique to your adviser Trail Account and found here in your Settings - Profile:

Any client registering through this link can start a Fact Find - which in turn creates a new Profile in Trail - and it will be assigned to you as Profile Owner.

Your Organisation's Register Button

Trail has a website plugin you can use - the 'Register' button - allowing potential clients to sign up through it.

This button can be edited in your Settings to suit how you would like it to look, and can be placed anywhere on your website.

This link this button is connected to is different from your personal Client Sign-Up Link, because client may either:

  • Pick which adviser from your organisation to work with

  • Or you may assign one adviser from your team to always recieve these new client registers

This is able to be set in your Settings - User & Teams page - "Assign all new clients to..."

What is on the Registration page

This page will ask the clients to fill in basic information about themselves such as full name, email address and phone number, then ask the client to create a password for their account:

If a client is already added as a contact in Trail, they can't sign up using this page because their email is linked to them as an existing contact. They'll get a message saying their details are already in the system:

To ensure proper setup of their login, send the invitation link (see 2nd point below) to them. Alternatively if they have logged into Trail before, you can send the login page (see 3rd point below), where they have to enter their email and password. Trail is set up like this to safeguard confidential client information associated with their account, limiting access to only your client.

If a client signs up this way, they will be taken to the Client Portal Dashboard, where they can begin a new mortgage or insurance application, depending on the types of advice you provide.Β 

2. The Invitation Link

If you have already created a Profile and an Opportunity for a client in Trail, then you can send them an invitation link to invite them to complete an online Fact find or Quickform.

You can do this on their Profile - click on the right Opportunity - and "Send Invitation Link":

This is what the new Client Invitation email looks like:

The link generated in the email is unique for the Key Contact of the Profile to set up a password to login.

It will them to the account setup page where the Key Contact's email address is already filled in and the only need to enter a password to be used for the account:

If the client has already signed in before, they will be taken to the login page (see section below).

Once they have created a password, they will be taken straight to their online fact find to fill out:

3. The Login Page

Once a client has successfully created an account through either the Registration page or via the Invitation Link, they can use your organisation's Login Page to enter into the Client Portal.

This page will ask the client for their email address and the password they have already created for their account.

If they have forgotten their password, they can click the 'Forgot Password' button on the page, otherwise you can send them a password reset link.

When a client logs in, they will be taken to the Client Portal Dashboard, where they can continue current applications or create a new one:

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