Trail has three different kinds of web pages in which a client can access the Client Portal to fill in a fact find or quickform. A client will reach a certain web page based on the way they reach the Client Portal. It's important to understand the difference between these pages and when each of them is used, so your client has no issues accessing the Client Portal. These pages are:

  • The registration page

  • The account setup page 

  • The login page

The registration page

This page is for completely new clients who are not already in your Trail system. The registration page will ask the clients to fill in basic information about themselves such as full name, email address and phone number, then ask the client to create a password for their account. Clients will usually reach this page through a register button, a newsletter link, or a sign-up link you have sent them.

If you have already added a client as a Contact in Trail, they will not be able to sign up using this page, as their email address is already assigned to a contact that exists. They will receive a message stating that the system already has their details. You will need to send them the link to the account setup page for them to login correctly. The reason that Trail is set up like this is because if you have created an account for client, there could be confidential information attached to that account so we don't want anyone except the client being able to access this information.

If a client signs up this way, they will be taken to the Client Portal home page, where they can begin a new mortgage or insurance application, depending on the types of advice you provide. 

The account setup page

If you have already created an Opportunity for a client in Trail and you wish for them to complete an online fact find or quickform, the way to do this is to send them the link for the account setup page.

The account setup page will already include the clients email address, and the only information they will need to enter is a password to be used for the account (if the client has already signed in before, they will be taken to the login page). 

Once they have created a password, they will be taken straight to their online fact find to fill out. 

The login page

Once a client has successfully created an account through either the registration page or the account setup page, they will enter the Client Portal through the login page. This page will ask the client for their email address and the password they have created for their account. If they have forgotten their password, they can click the 'Forgot Password' button, otherwise you can send them a password reset link.

When a client logs in, they will be taken to the Client Portal homepage, where they can continue current applications or create a new one. 

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