In this article you will learn how to:

  • Find your Products dashboard

  • What the 'Product Review Status' column reflects

  • How to see when a Product is up for renewal

The Product Dashboard shows all your clients' mortgage, insurance and investment products and let's you know when they are up for review.

To access your Product Dashboard, click the briefcase icon on the navbar on the left of your screen.

From the Product Dashboard, you will be able to see all the current products your clients have. This page shows what the product is, how long until its review date, the Profile it is associated with, and extra product information.

What the 'Product Review Status' column reflects

  • Products that have no review date are yellow

  • Product reviews that are overdue are red

  • Products that are inside the review period set by your automations are green

  • Products that are outside their review period are grey

  • Products that have no timer cannot have a review date eg. floating loans

When a product approaches its review date, your automation settings will create an Opportunity and an Activity for the product.

To learn how to add a new product for a client, please check out our article here.

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